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Thrive in College - Don't Just Survive

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

What are the things that excite you and scare you the most about going to college?

For me, I was so excited about a few different things. One of the biggest was that I would be able to take classes that I cared about and wanted to learn about. The other thing was that I would no longer be in the shadows of my siblings. I finally would be able to carve my own path.

My biggest fears were the stress, not knowing anyone, and keeping pace with the studying.

Every student has their different things that make them excited and fearful but that shouldn't stop you from taking the plunge! It just means that you should be prepared...

This book covers things that I wish I knew before I had gone off to college. I had exceptions that didn't pan out and some that rang true.

My friends and I wish someone had sat us down to talk to us about:

1. Housing

2. Roommates

3. Friendships

4. Dating

5. Classes/ Schedules

6. Organization

7. Getting Involved

8. Money

9. Books

10. Food

11. Laundry 101

On move in day, I was so excited about registration, getting into my dorm and meeting new people. My best friend came with me and my car was packed tight (my tiny little car). I pulled into a tiny parking spot and realized that even though I drove a small car, it didn't fit. I had never had that issue before. So I backed up and bump. I hit a lifted truck that could have held my car it's bed.

The bumper of the truck dented the back of my hatchback. It on the other hand, had no damage whatsoever.

That is how I started college.

Don't worry, it did get better and then had its ups and downs. That's why I wanted to share my stories with you so that you knew that there were true ups and downs but how to plan ahead!



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