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What is a Life Coach?

Life coaches can help people improve their lives by providing guidance and support in setting and achieving goals. They can help with a variety of areas, including:

  • Personal: Finding purpose, developing creativity, managing stress, overcoming bad habits, and improving relationships

  • Professional: Career, finances, and leadership

  • Other: Dating, divorce, diet and fitness, mental health (depending on circumstances), and spirituality

​I work with you to help you in the present and look to the future, unlike licensed professionals that often look to the past to help with you.


I specialize in life coach training for: tweens/ teens/ young adults/ parents, at-risk youth, trauma, resilience coaching ("encourages a solutions-oriented mindset that is more about embracing failure and discomfort rather than avoiding them" source), and college planning. 

In a world that is constantly changing, taking a moment to evaluate your present situation can be incredibly beneficial for planning your future.


By reflecting on your current achievements, challenges, and aspirations, you can gain valuable insights that inform your future goals and strategies. Whether it’s in your personal life, career, or education, understanding where you stand today provides a solid foundation for making informed decisions.


This proactive approach allows you to set realistic and achievable goals, identify potential obstacles, and develop a roadmap to success. Embrace the opportunity to look at today with a critical eye, and you'll be better equipped to navigate the future with confidence and clarity.

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