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Purpose Statement

Helping families save time and money while planning for college.

Ethics Statement

There are no guarantees no life and that includes college. We make no guarantees and will always be honest every step of step of the way. Our process is transparent based on best pract

Mission Statement

Deciding what comes after high school can be difficult; you have different 4-year universities, 2-year colleges, trade schools, military or gap-year to choose from. My job with Get Ahead of the Curve is to help come beside you and be a neutral voice, a safe place where you can feel free to tell me your hopes and dreams.

Get Ahead of the Curve's role is to make sure that we not only find the best fit college for your student but the best next step for their life. We accomplish this through different assessments, along with other services to help with this process. For example: help with essays, scholarship research, FAFSA, and much more.

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