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My First Campus Tour: The University of Texas - Austin

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

My family and I took a trip last weekend to go to a cute town called Fredricksburg in #Texas. We stayed at my aunt and uncle's house that's just a little outside of town. I have been to Texas many times in my life because my family is from there; however, this was my first time going outside of #Austin. I was so excited to see this not just see this part of Texas but to see the differences.

(Fredricksburg, Texas)

In case you didn't know, Austin is the capital of Texas. It's not just a "college town" but also known for having a lot of transplants from other parts of the country due to all the job opportunities and cost of living in Texas (compared to places like California). It's known for some AMAZING #barbeque, which I can personally guarantee is true (Franklin Barbeque and Terry Black's Barbeque).

While on our trip, we mainly spent time in #Fredricksburg so I didn't get much time in Austin. However, we were only 1.5 hours from Austin. This town does EVERYTHING big, every holiday; they love to have fun! I also discovered that they have their own university, Hill Country University Center. It has partnerships with Central Texas College, Texas Tech University, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, City of Fredricksburg Master Plan (expansion and trades), and Center for Wine and Culinary Arts (a booming industry).

Unfortunately, we only had time to do a "drive-by" campus tour of UT but WOW. I knew UT was big but I didn't realize it was THIS big! The campus was all hustle and bustle with students heading to classes. There were places to rent electric scooters and bikes to help get around the large campus, as well as a bus to go from different sides of the campus.

We found Greek "row" or at least a few houses as well as multiple churches on one street. The buildings were larger than life and the school is right by a state of the art medical facility. The campus is also across the street from the capital. While the school seems so busy, there are multiple areas that the students can sit and find peace and quiet in parks and under the trees.

If you never have a chance to visit UT but are interested in the school, you can always do the virtual tour!

For more pictures of my tour, check out my Facebook page!


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