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What kind of training was received to become a Life Coach for Teens and Young Adults?

"Youth Coach Institute, LLC (YCI) offers an 80-hour evidence-based youth life coach training and certification program for youth-serving professionals (ages 13 to 30). Their program is approved by the International Coaching Federation and the Center for Credentialing and Education. Coaches who complete the full program (Stages 1-4) earn their Certified Youth Resilience Coach designation. They merge behavioral science and coaching to equip youth to overcome and thrive."

What is a Life Coach for a Teen or Young Adult?

I provide life-changing coaching services that will help you to identify and hone your strengths, determine your values, and uncover more about your personality. With insights into the future and the present, I will help you to understand your potential and determine your goals, giving you the motivation and tools to achieve success.

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