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Alternatives to Ironing

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't learn how to #iron but having an iron in your #dorm is a waste of #space and #time. There are #alternatives that work just as well.

Growing up, my mom taught me how to iron. I learned how to do it so well that she stopped ironing and I did it all.

I even know how to iron a perfect #pleat in a pants and that is no easy task according to someone I once knew in the #Navy.

I think it was my #sophomore year that one of my friends left the iron sitting on one of their shirts too long and it started to #burn.

It's so easy to destroy your favorite top, #dress, #pants, or #skirt when ironing.

So what do you do instead? I mentioned there were alternatives. One that I do not recommend that all my friends and I was even guilty of doing once or twice, using a #hairstraightener. You're standing their doing your hair and notice the edges of whatever you're wearing is wrinkled and think that just running your #straightener over it (clothing through it) will be fine. However, most straighteners are dirty. They have hair spray and oils on them. So by doing this, you just got something all on your clothes. I have seen it happen and have seen clothing ruined. The other problem is that straighteners run at certain temperatures and can burn your clothing really fast. So skip this idea!!

Idea 1:

#Downy makes a Wrinkle Release that you can buy at almost any store. You spray just a little and then give it a little tug and the #wrinkles fall out. And on the bonus side, it smells good.

Or you could just buy #Febreze in any scent you want. It doesn't need to have the special wrinkle release power, it works the same.

Hold the bottle about a foot away and spray! Make sure you don't soak the item you are spraying, you just want it be lightly sprayed.

Idea 2:

This is what I still use. #MyLittleSteamer is Go Mini from #BedBathandBeyond was one of the best purchases I ever made!

First, because I can leave things on the hanger and "iron" them but with my #steamer in less than 2 minutes.

Second, it's portable. I can travel with it if I need to.

So now you have ideas on how to get wrinkles out of your clothes and keep them smelling fresh because we all know you're probably only doing #laundry once a month.

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