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Cover design of ebook Thrive in College, Don't Just Survive"

Thrive in College: Don't Just Survive

Before becoming a life coach, I decided to write Thrive in College: Don't Just Survive before I started my company. My friends and I would always laugh about the things that we wish we had known and would do over/ do better if we had the chance to do college over again.

As I was taking my courses with UCI, I started noting topics that seemed to come up a lot with classmates that their students had questions on (roommates, cafeteria food, textbooks, etc.) and some didn't know the answers while others answered plainly. 

The books that are out on the market for future college students sound so daunting. They are titled things like "101 things to know" or "How to Survive". Survive?? 

You shouldn't have to survive college. 

I wanted students to know that college isn't as scary as some books or people make it out to be and that mistakes can be fixed! I wrote about my (and some friends') triumphs and failures. This book is about figuring life out and in a way that is easy to read.

My hope is that you can be more confident starting school.

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